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It's been awhile since my last update.. many things happened .. Embrace is now playing Festivals and going to have big stages in December wow... this could be great ^_^

Hopefully i can go to see them in December.

New Photo Section added at Embrace Messageboard

Which you can view loads of photos that's so great...

Drykids Live at Happy & Lost


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Out Of Nothing: Platinum!!

In one of the year's most spectacular comebacks, Embrace are set to match sales of their debut album, "The Good Will Out", as their latest album "Out Of Nothing" reaches platinum status just two months after it's release. "Out Of Nothing" is now the band's biggest seller since "The Good Will Out" was released in 1998.

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Embrace for Sound Track!

DropStitch, the all-girl snowboard film featuring unreleased music from Embrace, is available in-stores now!

The film, which features the unreleased Embrace track "It Feels Like Glue" and an original track, "Powder", along with two other previously released tracks, is available to buy in adventure sports shops worldwide now, as well as from the film's shop website, accessible from the link below:

The band's forthcoming single, "Ashes", featured on the trailer for the film back in August. You can view the trailer for the film and also read more about the project by visiting the film's official website:

 Embrace :

: Danny McNamara

: Richard McNamara

: Mike Heaton

: Mickey Dale

: Steve Firth
Embrace's story.
Richard bought a guitar at 12 years old and aped his moves from heavy metal before wisely deciding to get his fingers around rather less baroque riffs.He started a band that Danny gatecrashed, and by 1993, after several lind up changes,they'd recruited Mike on drums,fresh from his college textiles course in Hudderfield,and bassist Steve a quietly spoken ex-Liverpool art student,to create EMBRACE.

Two years of practising four nights a week and every weekend meant pissed-off girlfrinds,relationships becoming inevitable "casualties of war",but the experience fuels some of EMBRACE's most powerful songs.Clearly entranced by his own lyrics, Danny talks about the unbridled thrill he derived from writing phrases like "You fell in love/I fell in line" for Fireworks,or "Everyone's got a smaller version of what I've got" for Blind ("It's a bit cocky,but it's not about knob size, It's about confidence.")
(From Q Magazine.)

Danny's words :
"I remember when we were finishing making our record,Britpop was happening, and it just seemed so shallow,"
"Up until Urban Hymns,we just got Oasis all the time,"
"If you come from up north and write songs with a bit of Soul and passion,you're going to be likened to the last band that came along from there and did that.You can't get too annoyed."

"Richard Ashcroft and Liam Gallagher have very powerful voices,Mine's much more fragile.I feel when I'm singing,I'm offering everything I have.My favorite music tends to come from the 60's and '70s-Sly And the Family Stone, Marvine Gaye,Pet Sounds.I want our music to be like that-like warmth coming out of the speakers.I want you to be able to rub your hands together and feel the warmth.If you're not going to be as good as the stuff you really love,
what's the point?"

(from Alternative Press.)


There must be a time
Between the well meaning
When the good will come out
And start the healing
You won't know
How well you've played
Until you've won
And if at first you find
You can't imagine
How good can heal
When you've got nothing worth healing
You won't know
How well you're made
Until you're down
And all you have is gone.

The good will come out
The good will come out
The good will come out

EMBRACE were making recorded out,,
that they cut the album,strings and all,in the Hudderfield studio .It was a demo tape that sealed their fate;Danny accidentally left an early version of "Retread" on a tape of new songs he gave Richard, who immediately recognized the song's splendor.
"I didn't think it sounded like us"Danny said "But Richard said,'What do we really sound like,anyway?' Joy Division,and Echo&the Bunnymen in 1982 as a hardcore goth band,,We'd been writing songs for a long time,and this was the first time we wrote one that sounded like us,not anyone else."

got this far barely having to leave their West Yorkshire homeland, with record companies coming to Leeds to sign them and all their music also recorded in Hudderfield.Even world tours could happen at home,they figure. "We're just going to get all the foreigners to come over here," they chortle.Danny and Richard are not about to pretend that pop is anything like work,while Mike thinks he knows what EMBRACE have to offer the world. "It's uplifting music" he reckons,"even if it has a dark side." But Richard homes in on the real test of value."I can play our stuff to my mates and not be embarrassed.

(from the face)

And then the Good will out :)))
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